My Baby Turns 5 Months

I can’t believe that my baby is already 5 months old! I feel like I was jumping into bed and shoving the pee-stick in my husband’s face only yesterday! Everyday more and more of his personality is coming out, and it is so wonderful and so strange! He loves to laugh! He loves it when I kiss and play-bite his ribs and his tummy and the side of his neck! At first he makes kindof an “aahhh” sound, and then he suddenly bursts out laughing and it bursts my heart! And he’s tickling! He loves it when I tickle his belly and his armpits and I say “tickle, tickle, tickle!” He laughs so loud and smiles so huge!

He can sit up on his own! Propped up on his arms, mind you, but still without any help from me! I didn’t even know that he could do that, and I was looking online at milestones and it said that at his age he should start being able to hold himself up with support. So, I decided to try it and he DID IT!! I was so proud! I, of course, grabbed my iPhone to snap a picture and in the two seconds my attention was in opening up the camera, he face-planted! Bad mommy! But, he was of course fine and I sat him up again and snapped a pic of his “first” time sitting up ;-D!

He loves holding things in his hands and shaking and banging them! He loves being read to; he looks at the pages with such concentration and attention! And he reallyreallyreally loves swimming! But, swimming where I hold him under his arms with his belly down with his head up. He kicks his feet and moves his arms like he’s swimming, and oh how he grins! He, however, does not like being in his float. He will tolerate it for awhile, but he likes to pretend he’s swimming better. This of course, is frustrating because his float is shaded and I’m not putting sunscreen on him yet.  I wish I had some pics of him swimming, but unfortunately, with Daddy working a zillion-and-one hours usually I have no photo-taker!

 I love our daily rituals. I am not much of a schedule person, but slowly one is starting to evolve, at least a bedtime one. After Wheel of Fortune we go upstairs and have play time in mommy & daddy’s bed. Then, we have story time usually ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Sometimes we read ‘Goodnight Moon’ and sometimes ‘Are You My Mommy’. Next, if we’ve gone swimming that day or if he hasn’t had one in a few days we take a bath together. This is my favorite part of the day! He loves splashing! I will prop him up against the side of the tub and he will splash and splash and splash with his hands! He thinks it’s the greatest and so do I!

 After our bath, we get lotioned, diapered and PJd up while I sing him his Goodnight song. He knows this song and always smiles as soon as I start singing it! His favorite part changes, but right now it’s the “oink, oink, oink” part, and I touch is nose for each oink. Then, I nurse him to sleep and he either goes in his bassinet, or sometimes in the bed with me/us. If he wakes up to nurse before 530, then I nurse and put him back into his bassinet, but if he wakes up between 6-730 then I pull him into bed with me and nurse him lying down so we (or, at least me) can go back to sleep. If he wakes up after 8, then I will get my lazy butt up and nurse him downstairs so we don’t wake daddy.   

He still doesn’t nap, which is very frustrating. He used to nap at the pool, but he usually doesn’t anymore. I think it’s because he knows where we are now and wants to go swimming! If I take him on a walk around the neighborhood, he will sometimes fall asleep, but wakes up almost as soon as we get home every time. The doctor said that it’s normal, that some kids don’t nap but they usually grow out of it and start taking naps. I really hope he does soon, cus it would be really nice to have an hour or two during the day to get chores done!

 He’s about to grow out of his three-month clothes, so soon I will have to box those and the newborn ones up. This is going to make me cry, I know! I am so grateful and full of joy that he’s growing up to be a happy, healthy baby on his way to toddlerhood, but the nostalgia for each stage is hard! He’s changing so much and so fast, mama can hardly keep up!


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