Holden’s First Overnight Trip

So, last week I went on my first overnight trip since Holden was born. It was… an ordeal. First of all, the packing. Oh, the packing! I had to pack the play yard, the the pad for the play yard, the bumbo, the stroller, clothes, diapers, burp clothes, toys, the baby moniter, the breast pump… There was barely room in the truck for Lobo Fluff, and Holden had to go into the front seat with daddy and mommy!

Then there was the drive. It was only about 2 hours, so not that long at all. Except two hours seems almost like an eternity when your baby is SCREAMING! I swear, I didn’t know he could scream that loud or for that long! I think a lot of the problem was that he was in the front seat next to me. Usually, he is in the back seat and cries for a few minutes, but then, I guess becomes complacent to the situation and falls asleep.

Well, in the front seat he could see me. And, poor thing, I don’t think he understood that I couldn’t pick him up! Of course, when he cries at home I pick him up immediately, but I obviously can’t do that in the truck. It broke my heart! He kept screaming, and looking at me accusingly, and I was trying to give him kisses, and pat his stomach reassuringly and distract him with toys. All  to no avail. He eventually exhausted himself after about an hour and fell asleep THANK GOODNESS, but it was brutal while it lasted.

The cabin was wonderful. It’s in the middle of nowhere, pretty much. I mean, there are neighbors, but you can’t see any of them. I saw tons of squirrels, and tons of deer. And bugs. Oh, the bugs. It’s Rob’s parents’ weekend cabin, but they don’t get up there every weekend so mostly it sits empty. Well, not empty, mind you. A bug hotel! So, of course, being the crazy person that I am I was paranoid that Holden was going to be bitten by some kind of bug (ok, spider!). But, of course he wasn’t! Even though there were scorpians! Baby ones, but still!

We set up the pack-n-play in the bedroom, and Holden went to sleep fine in it. I almost wished  we hadn’t brought it (and we almost didn’t – took freaking 20 minutes to take the damn thing apart!). It really just seemed like a lot of work taking it apart, hauling it, putting back together, taking it apart, hauling it, and putting it back together again at  home! Except, you know, that hubby and I can’t…cuddle… with baby sleeping in between us. It was vacation after all!

All in all, it was nice. Was it worth the screaming drives up and back, and all the packing? I’m not sure. It is easier to relax when I’m not at home since I’m not constantly thinking, “oh, I need to clean the shower, or do laundry or clean the litter box”. Oh, and I can’t ask my husband to do anything! So, for that last fact alone, I’m pretty sure we’ll be going back again soon. If, you know, we don’t get burried under all the baby stuff.

(Oh, and I totally meant to take tons of pictures, but I didn’t. Oh, well.)


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