My Week Through the Eyes of Instagram

Putting my Caps sticker on my new car

H playing while I help my car to Rock the Red!

Albus keeping Lobo Fluff in line after our trip to the pet store to exchange his dog food. He only likes the little bites, picky dog. Poor thing hadn’t eaten in about 4 days, since I hadn’t had time to run to the store – he absolutely refused to eat the big bites!

“Aaaaah!” H’s first solid food experience was a success – the babe LOVES to eat! He attacks the spoon with such zeal that it is quite hilarious!  And he thinks the sweet potatoes with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla that his mama carefully boiled, seasoned & pureed for him are delish!

“This spoon has some delicious stuff on it, mom!” He loves to take a sweet-potato covered spoon & shove it in his mouth. It just happens to get, you know, EVERYWHERE along the way! No worries, though – mama ain’t afraid uh no mess!

The aftermath – not bad at all!

Poor daddy threw out his back on Wednesday evening carrying furniture for H’s room upstairs and spent most of Thursday in bed, but managed to travel hunch-backed down the stairs to the sofa to dole out some snuggles and belly-raspberries!

Daddy gets payback for the raspberries: “He’s eating my eye!”

Found out about this gem from my mother and sis-in-law – icecream studded with caramel and CHOCOLATE COVERED POTATO CHIPS??? Yes, please!

Had a short, impromptu photo-shoot in the neighborhood town square on Friday afternoon before we went to the pool. I wanted to do some dimply-baby butt photos, but my dumb ass forgot that there would be diaper marks! Oh, well!

H and I snoozed and cuddled in bed Saturday morning for as late as he would let me (to be fair, it lasted about 2 1/2 hours). When he wouldn’t take it lying down anymore (ha, ha) I sat him up against the headboard while I switched over laundry and folded and put away a load of daddy’s clothes. Productive first thing in the morning? Go me!

Mimi (my mom) came over Saturday afternoon, and brought a balloon for H. Balloons are one of his favorite toys at the moment, they enthrall him! He loves to pull on the string and make the balloon bounce of and down, and also to grab at it and make the crinkly sound.


One thought on “My Week Through the Eyes of Instagram

  1. Well I was going to comment on your beautiful baby and stuff but then you Gobsmacked me with the LATE NIGHT SNACK ice cream, which I had never HEARD OF! Potato chips, in ICE CREAM? Holy Mother of Pearl I need that. STAT. Ha. Have a great week!


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