So, I am giving myself a challenge in order to make myself a better mom, wife and just all around person. And, to make the household run more smoothly. I am getting organized. Well, attempting at least. I made myself a customized “planner” notebook with the lists of all my chores, the day they’re “due” and what all needs to go into getting them done; ie) the bathroom is not truly clean until it has been mopped and the shower scrubbed. Just wiping down the mirror/counter does not count.  

 I think once I get the hang of it, and it becomes habit it will make me feel much calmer and make life just all around easier. For one thing, I’m hoping I’ll get a cleaning routine going. For another thing, if I make a habit of cleaning it all in manageable chunks throughout the week a) it makes it much easier to do with a teething, screaming [almost!!] 7 month old around and b) it’ll make it much less stressful than waiting until not only have all ten-thousand of the chores piled up, undone for weeks and until, say, the shower has practically permanent stains from rust? maybe? around the bottom of the door. Not that my shower has ever been in that state… STOP LOOKING AT ME!!

 I am also putting blogging on the chart for me, because I need to do something for myself. I used to write a lot (fiction) but lately I’ve just been blocked. Well, that and I just don’t feel like I have the time. I feel like all the minutes of my day are taken up by this little fussy-smiley-poopy-snuggly guy. But the reality of it is that a lot of my minutes are spent blindly staring at the television watching Food Network on auto pilot which only ends up wasting time and making me feel even more inferior because now I don’t have the time [not that my husband would even be home for it anyway, the hours he works] to make a perfect roast chicken dinner. So, hopefully by getting the chores scheduled and manageable they will get done, and with a little effort I will stop staring at the tv and feel like I have time to actually sit down and get all of this out of my head. Hopefully making the effort to blog everyday will lead to me writing [fiction] everyday. Cus, seriously? It is not healthy for all of that crap to just be stagnating in there.

 Another thing I’m doing for myself is going on a diet, starting tomorrow. I was inspired by Katie at Loves of Life, who lost a TON of weight and now looks super-awesome! and I think I am going to sign up for Weight Watchers (once  I have the $$, I already spent all my spending money this paycheck), but at the very least I am going to log what I eat and watch my calories. I am also going off dairy (scary! Because I ADORE cheese, like, it borders on obsession) and meat. So, I guess I am becoming pescatarian? I don’t know. I don’t really like labels. But I will eat fish and eggs. I may give up eggs in the future, but for now they’re staying. I don’t really give a rat’s ass about going off meat really, just ask my husband – wait for it – I don’t really like meat. I also have a kindof moral aversion to it. But that’s for another post.

 Anyway, here goes nothing!


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