Operation Skinny Jeans: Week One

So, this is the beginning of my weight loss adventure. I can’t believe that I have gotten this big! Well, I can – I had a baby for Pete’s sake! But, I don’t think that much of it is left over from the pregnancy. I think I’ve actually gained weight since a couple of weeks after giving birth. All that stress eating and not exercising and I think being on Zoloft caused me to gain as well. But – no more! I am going to lose all the way down to my pre-pregnancy size!

Now, I don’t know what my pre-pregnancy weight was, because we didn’t have a scale. Also, my first midwife, the one I had when we lived in North Carolina didn’t weigh you. But, I was a size 8-10 in jeans, depending on the brand. Now, I am a size 14. Well, I probably could fit into a 12, but I can NOT stand tight pants, they drive me super crazy! Now, I never was a skinny-minnie: I have large boobs, large, wide hips and I’m just not built that way. But I didn’t used to have the fluff around the middle!

Here I am a couple of weeks before conception at my birthday party: (and that’s my bff & across the street neighbor Misty! We may or may not have used to drink a LOT)

[ And here’s a pic of her with her eyes open 😉 ]

And, here I am today:


Current Weight: 195 (But, let’s face it… 15 of that is boob!)

Goal Weight: 145

 Diet Plan: I am planning on consuming 1900 calories. [I do not want to risk my milk supply!] I am cutting out dairy, meat, and processed foods, but never carbs. Never, EVER carbs!

Exercise plan: 30 minute walk twice daily and the “100 Workout” (found on Pinterest of course!)



5 thoughts on “Operation Skinny Jeans: Week One

  1. I’m pulling for you!!! And I’m working on a similar goal (we have the same goal weight!). Today starts day one of no gluten for me. We can do it!!!

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