8 Months

My itty-bitty baby turned 8 months on Thursday. I still can’t beleive it. Every day more of his personality emerges. Just the other day he was petting our cat Albus, and the look on his face – pure surprised joy – was so adorable. It was like he couldn’t believe that the cat was letting him stroke his back and he seemed amazed that Albus’ fur was so soft. Of course, after running his hands gently down Albus’ back a few times he clamped on to his tail, waving it around. Alby didn’t seem to think that was as enjoyable as the stroking for some reason…

I love seeing the joy on H’s face when he experiences new things. It makes me want to be a better mama. Well, at least a more patient one. This stage is wearing me out. First of all, he doesn’t seem to EVER want to play alone. And then he get’s so frustrated when he can’t do things. Oh! Or when he wants what you have and you tell him “No.” (um, I-Phone teething toy, anyone?)  he screams BLOODY MURDER!  Attitude already???

And when he does let me leave him alone, well… he’s everywhere! Into everything! As fast as lightening! Did I mention he can crawl? He can! Just a couple weeks ago… I swear, one day he couldn’t crawl forward, then the next day and he did and then he was off! It’s like can’t crawl to expert in 24 hours! HOW does that happen??

Holden’s New Milestones:

* Like I said, he can crawl now! And he is a proffessional! No belly dragging here, and he can traverse couch-cushion mountains with ease! He WILL NOT be contained!

*He can cruise? Is that what it’s called – he can hold onto the edge of the sofa (or, you know… his CRIB), or whatever, and walk sideways. OH CRAP!

*He can say mama, dada, and (as of two days ago) “ah-BOO!” Yeah, I taught him to say boo. He thinks it’s hilarious! It is almost Halloween afterall!

Of course, there are a zillion other new things he’s doing too, but those are the huge ones, I think. The bottom line: He is growing  up faster than his Mama can wrap her head around. And that makes a gal equally sad and ecstatic!


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