Operation Whole Foods

I am starting an operation to make my life (and the planet) healthier! I already am a very healthy eater – lots of veggies, very few processed foods… but, a lot of the time I fall short. I eat fast food when I’m running errands. I know that it’s bad for me, and bad for the environment – but, damn! That Chick-fil-A is just so delicious! And I’m hungry! And it’s there!

And there are just some processed things that I buy at the market: for example, sometimes I don’t have the time (see, am too lazy) to drive all the way to Harry’s (our local Whole Foods) and so I shop at Publix instead. And, I love Publix but they don’t have the best selection of organic and whole foods. And the ones they do have are usually way more expensive than if I bought them at Harry’s, so I buy the non-organic/processed version. Some things, I just love: Thomas bagels, they’re my favorite of all time! But, I know they’re full of chemicals that my body doesn’t need. Other things, like ice cream, the natural version is just SO MUCH more than the processed version. I mean, ice cream is already super expensive. Double the price, and $8 for a quart of ice cream is pretty prohibitive when you’re as poor as we are.

Enter, the husband: We’re too poor to buy organic. Look at all that crap stuff that Kroger has 10 for 10! Hamburger Helper! Tortured chicken! Soda! Chemical laden soup! He doesn’t understand why I feel the need to pay double (or, let’s face it, sometimes triple) the price for organic potatoes/strawberries/etc. He does understand why I feel the need to buy humanely raised meat, but he just feels the savings are worth it. I don’t. The thought of eating some poor, tortured animal makes me physically sick to my stomach.

Luckily! He doesn’t do the grocery shopping! Now, I know that it’s going to be a challenge buying all natural on our tiny minuscule food budget, but I am up to the challenge. Yes, sometime I may have to eat only rice and veggies for dinner. Yes, sometimes I will have to eat the same soup for 4 days in a row. Yes, it will take a lot more effort: in meal planning, cooking, etc. But, it will be worth it! And the more people start buying organic/natural products, the cheaper they will become! Manufacturers will get the message: We don’t want chemicals in our food! Animals deserve quality of life! Let’s take care of our planet!  


* No eating fast food as a quick solution: keep ready to eat meals in the freezer and pantry, and healthy, easy to eat snacks (such as home-made granola bars) to take with while running errands.

* No buying anything with unpronounceable or un-natural ingredients;  ie) no matter how yummy they are, no buying Thomas bagels. Even if they are half off.

* Buy organic if possible 

* If it’s feasible, make it myself: ie, ice cream, cookies, muffins.

Here goes nothing! [Also, let’s hope this one goes better than all of my previous operations… 😉 ]


6 thoughts on “Operation Whole Foods

  1. I’m onboard with you!! Colby has a hard time understanding why I want organic (which NOBODY sells around here 😦 ) but it’s gotten easier for him to understand once I explained that $1 burger from McDonalds may be cheap but it really costs SO much more than that when you factor in medical bills and prescriptions to repair all of the damage to your body. He still isn’t 100% with me (sometimes I’m not either cause it’s just so dang convenient) but at least we’re trying now. I hope you write about more of your shopping! I’m going to do my best alongside you 🙂

  2. Do you have a chest freezer? Have you looked into ordering frozen organic meats direct from butchers or farms? I know people that buy “half cows” for a year and keep them in one of those deep freezers. We used to do this when we lived on a farm (that raised cattle both ways). I was little so I don’t know the process, but I know it’s possible to buy direct. It has to be cheaper.


    • We got rid of our freezer when we moved, and we havn’t bought a new one yet so we don’t have that much freezer space. I looked into buying a half cow, but we don’t have the money right now; I wish I knew more local people into organic that would want to share!! We have a really great farmers market for meat in Atlanta, about a 45 minute drive away, and they have pretty good prices, but still not as cheap as kroger! Luckily, I only eat meat a couple times a week (usually when hubs is home), if at all.

  3. If you don’t already, follow Allie over at Table for More. Here’s a link to her latest post about a fairly budget friendly Organic/Whole Foods week of eating: http://www.tableformoreblog.com/2011/11/my-take-tuesday-organic-shopping-on.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TableFor3actuallyMakeThat4+%28Table+for+3…Actually+make+that+4!%29

    I love her blog, read it every day. She’s a sweetie and has the cutest boys and another on the way!

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