Eaten Time

I remember when I was pregnant everyone would tell me “just you wait, time will fly by and before you know it he’ll be in college.” Well, they were right! I swear that when I wake up in the morning a week has gone by! I think a lot of it has to do with monotony. You know: wake up, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaning, nursing, diaper changes, bath time, bedtime… each day just seems to run into the next.

I also think time relativity has something to do with it. I think when you have a baby or a kid in the house time speeds up. Or maybe a better phrase would be time gets ‘eaten up’. Not only is every day the same tasks, over and over, but they each seem to take up the whole day. Sometimes with all of the nursings and diaper changes and crying and napping… it feels like there isn’t enough time to do anything else besides dispensing milk and disposing of waste.

When I do have a block of 10 minutes where I’m not soothing the sobbing or wiping the bottom I feel like I should frantically be doing a task: folding laundry or washing dishes or scrubbing the toilets. Instead I sit on the couch and try to soak up a few moments of me time where my brain can relax and luxuriate in the fact that I’m not trying to hold in my pee. And then I feel guilty. Because I have SO many tasks that need doing, and so few minutes to do it in, and I’m wasting my time sitting here doing nothing!

So, in order to eliminate the guilt, and to help me get a handle on how many hours in the day there are, and get better at time management I am working on a household planner. I’m not that big of a schedule-y person, but I feel if I have written down – including me time – tasks that need to get done that day, it will help me accomplish them. And also, I’m hoping that having my daily tasks written down will help me feel better about everything I *do* accomplish, even when I don’t finish my to-do list.

Right now the planner and schedule is in the designing stage. I’m looking at printables, designing some of my own pages and deciding what all I’m putting into it. I can’t wait until it’s done!


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