Blogger Ornament Swap

Amelie the octopus

I almost didn’t join the ornament swap. At the last minute I saw Megan tweeting about how she had an extra spot left, so I thought, “What the hey, why not?” and signed up. Let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. Not only did I receive a truly awesome ornament to hang out every Christmas, but I met a friend.

I was really lucky to get paired up with Amanda over at A Squared. On many levels we are very different, but on all the ones that count we are similar. We were lucky enough that she was coming into Georgia for a few days and so she got to give me my ornament over coffee. And also unlucky because now I want her to LIVE in Georgia!

And that is the crux of having bloggy friends, I think. On the one hand it is SO AWESOME to find these people that you feel close to, that you chat with everyday and that help you – albeit virtually – through all the thick and thin of your life.  And on the other hand, it sucks. Because you miss these people, these people that you have never even met in person. And you wish, every single day, that they lived next door and you could all get together for coffees and barbeques and whatnot. At least I do.

And so I am eternally grateful for whatever Christmas magic pushed me to sign up for the ornament swap. Because it gave me exactly what I needed this Christmas – what I think everyone can use – a new friend.


3 thoughts on “Blogger Ornament Swap

  1. This is the sweetest thing ever!! I am so glad we did sign up for the swap!!
    It’s been so fun, texting and twittering! And it was so awesome to meet you & H!
    Next time I’m in GA, and anytime you’re in north Alabama, we have to get together!!
    So glad you like your ornament!
    Now, to get my sick self to a computer and write my post!!

  2. This is such a sweet post!!! I’m so glad you joined last minute! I know exactly what you mean though…I just moved away from Georgia (lived there my whole life!) and I just met up with another Atlanta blogger and we totally hit it off….which made me even more sad that I moved!

    Blog friendships really are the best, aren’t they? Thanks so much for participating in our swap!!

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