Goodbye 2011: I Hate to See You Go, But I Love to Watch You Leave

I can’t believe that 2011 is finally over! In many ways it seemed like shortest year of my life! It was also both the hardest and best year of my life. Most of it has passed by in a blur of diaper changes and late night snuggles. Maybe it’s the soul paralyzing fear that my baby is growing up faster than I can wrap my head around. Maybe it’s the fact that I still haven’t lost any of my pregnancy weight. (Nope, none!) Maybe it’s the fact that each and every day is the same routine of diaper changes, nursings and naps. Whatever the reason, I am sad to see 2011 leave, because it saw me achieve my highest accolade as of yet: becoming a mother!

And yet, I am excited in many ways to usher in 2012. A new year, in many ways, is a wonderful thing. A Spring-cleaning for the soul if you will: a symbolic releasing of the baggage of the previous year and a soul-cleansing clean slate, a new beginning. And how many of us don’t have a few cobwebs that need swept away? At any rate, I know I do.

Here is a list of my cobwebs that I would like to keep brushed away throughout the coming year:

  1. I really want to find my spirituality. Christmas really highlighted this for me. I have a kid now, and I want him to know God or Gaia or whomever you believe (or don’t) gives life to the universe. I don’t really know who God is, but I would like to find out, in a way that makes sense to me (ie, I believe in reincarnation, Karma, don’t believe in Hell… but really, this is for another post).
  2. Eat healthier. More raw, whole foods, fewer processed foods. I’m already pretty good about this, but I am always having a hard time with eating out too much and giving up when I’m really hungry and reaching for a box of chocolate when I should really be reaching for an apple.  
  3. Writing in my blog more. This is also an ongoing project. I always feel better when I get out all the thoughts that are chasing each other around in my brain, so I really want to up my effort to blog more often. If not every day, then at the very least 3 or 4 times a week. Hopefully now that the hubs job with ‘normal’ hours and will be home oftener this will be more attainable. Oh yeah: And respond to comments! I am AWFUL about that! (excuse alert: mostly, because I never can get to my computer and commenting on my phone = nearly impossible)
  4. Write my novels more. I have about three whole novels floating around in my brain. All I have to do (ha!) is get them out! I have started all three, and have outlines for 2 as well, but I always lose steam. As with blogging more, I’m hoping that with hubs around more often I will be able to achieve this goal.
  5. Spend more time with the Husband. Having a marriage is hard. Having a baby is hard. Put the two together, and oh my gawd, the issues! I need to make the effort to put down twitter and pay more attention to him. And also to put out more. Yes, I’m bone-crunchingly exhausted, but sex is a very important part of a marriage. I think we should schedule time in 2012 to go on one date a month with H spending the night at my MIL’s.
  6. Exercise. I really want to start doing yoga. I’ve been to a couple of classes, and each time I feel so calmed and rejuvenated afterwards. I want to join and gym and make a habit of working out at least thrice weekly, hopefully more.
  7. Use my household notebook. Last month I made a household notebook. Using inspiration from Pinterest, of course, I designed my own pages, printed them out and cased them in a three ring binder. When I make the effort, and follow the cleaning prompts it really does make life easier. I mean, it’s only common sense that completing a couple of chores daily is way easier than completing 10 in one day.
  8. Budget. My husband and I are both awful with money. Yes, honey you always get the bills paid. But, we both would benefit if we could (see, would) establish and stick to a budget.
  9. Enjoy H more. Like, REALLY enjoy him. Play with him fully. Ie, not while glancing at the television or iPhone every 5 minutes.

So, these are my, I don’t want to say goals… maybe, aspirations? for 2012. These are things I want to make a conscious effort to work on every day. I know it’s silly. Most of these are things that we all want to work towards, but I think it’s beneficial to have your hopes written out. And hopefully, by the end of the year, I will be an even better person than I am today!


6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2011: I Hate to See You Go, But I Love to Watch You Leave

  1. I found out that money was more easily managed when I got the checkbook app on my phone. It’s always there, in your face, telling you what money you have. It’s also easier to keep up with. Just an idea.
    Great goals!

  2. The first year of a babe’s life is HARD! Don’t worry about enjoying him though…he’ll make his presnese so hard to miss in a few short months you’ll have no choice but to put down the phone and turn off the TV (or put his shows on LOL). I know after Alexa turned one I had NO time to do anything other than play with her. She wanted my attention and I wanted her to know I was there, so we played hard. I think 2012 will be your year for that.

    About the preg weight, I know how you feel! Maybe you’re holding it because of the bf’ing. Some people, I was one of them, couldn’t lose a pound till they stop. It’s not fair at all!!!!!

    Good luck on your goals, I’m happy we met this year!

    • I am both happy to hear that my goal will be so easy to achieve & frightened for the state of my house! 😉

      I am so glad to have met you too!! ❤ Now we just need to work on getting our compound set up!

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