Many days, my favorite part of the day is bathtime with the monster. I think it’s his favorite time too! Since he was a few weeks old we have always taken baths together. We have a garden tub and it was a huge PITA to bend over and bathe him, plus he cried the whole time. One day, I decided to just get in the tub with him & he loved it and we’ve been doing it that way ever since.

He loves splashing and playing with cups and his squirty turtle. He has a bottle filled with bubbles and squishy balls. Lots of times Albus the cat climbs on the edge and drapes his tail in the water for added fun. I sit sideways iutn the tub and H sits on my lap and plays with his toys. Sometimes we play together the whole time, but often I get to read for a few minutes. There is just something that is so relaxing and enjoyable to me about reading a trashy novel in a warm and sudsy bath while my baby plays on my lap.

Lots of times if he is being particularly grumpy we will take an afternoon bath. It doesn’t matter how hard or how long he’s been screaming – the second we slip into the bath he is all smiles! I have just recently started putting bubbles in the bath. I made myself a bubble beard the other day, and he thought it was the funniest thing! He kept laughing and touching the bubbles… and then he took a huge bite! Hahaha! Crazy monster, I think he actually thought they tasted okay… I got a mouthful as well, they just tasted like bubbles to me!

I know that this wouldn’t work for lots of people, especially if you have multiple kids, but it works for us. I plan on taking baths with him for as long as he’ll let me! And if you’ve never tried it, you really should! I know you’ll both have a blast!


One thought on “Bathtime

  1. I wish we had a tub big enough for this. Ours is an ancient clawfoot, it’s small! Peter actually mans bathtime because it’s too hard for me to bend over the side (especially now!). Maybe our next place will have one big enough for me and the girls…or at least the girls together 🙂

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