Fur Babies

When I was pregnant, people would tell me that I would love H more than I would think possible. They also told me that the love I felt for Lobo Fluff, Clara, Percy, and Albus would pale in comparison to the love I felt for H. Well, I do love H, to the moon and back a million times! And I DO love him more than I thought possible, so much that it hurts! But, I love my cats and dog that much too.

I guess I don’t understand this “measuring” of love. In my eyes, you either love something or you don’t. Do I love my fur-babies in a different way than I love my baby? Absolutely! But then, I love my husband in a different way than I love my baby. Do I love my baby more than I love my cats or my dog? Well, here’s this: If my house were on fire I would carry H out first. But then I would go right back in and carry out my cats and my dog.  Actually, in reality, I would have H cradled in one arm, at least two cats in the other arm and be shoving Lobo forward with my foot.

When H was about 4 months old, Clara cat escaped the house. It was seriously, the worst time of my life. She was gone for days, and I was beside myself. I cried everyday. I walked endlessly around the neighborhood looking for her and calling for her. Putting up signs. I couldn’t sleep; I need her in my bedroom to sleep well. When some neighborhood hoodlums played a prank on my and told me that had her and weren’t going to give her back because the reward wasn’t big enough I called the cops on them. If they had REALLY had her… well, they would have been sorry, let’s just say that. I thought about kicking their asses just for playing the prank. She eventually made her way back, thirsty but fine and this made me think on the statement people had told me before.

I love each of my babies – human, cat and dog –  in their own way, because they are all different. Every one of them fulfills a different need that I have and thus each of them has their own room in my heart. Yes, they aren’t all located in the same place, but they are all the same size. And I know that some people will read this and think “oh, she must not really love her son, then”, and you know what? I feel sorry for them. Becuase they obviously don’t understand love.


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