First Birthday Madness

 This TAT topic was so perfect for me that I couldn’t NOT post! My BABY! Is turning ONE! Can you believe it? Because I sure can’t! So, of course, I have to throw him the BEST party. Now, I don’t know why I feel this way. He’s ONE! He’s not going to remember the cute cupcakes or the perfect decorations or the awesome photo booth. And, yes, I know this party is for me, for surviving my first year of motherhood. And yes, I deserve a party. But why do I feel the need to make it just so? Why do I feel the need to handcraft & personalize every detail: from the invitation to the photo booth props to the decorations. Why can’t I just buy a pre-made “Happy First Birthday” banner, some crepe paper streamers and be done with it?

I have figured out the reason: for the pictures. When I imagine the party, it is through still images. When I picture it in my mind, it is through a box of photos: an image of the perfect cupcakes, a shot of the perfect smash cake… I mean… this is how Holden will see it when he’s older. I will be telling him about his first party he ever had and how awesome it was… and I will have photos of the awesomness to back me up. He can see that I loved him so much I was willing to handcraft almost every detail so that his special day was perfectly decorated. Not that he will ever really care, but still.

And I guess it’s for me too. Because, I want everything documented. Maybe because motherhood is so messy and frustrating and unpredictable in between all the adorable moments I want some photos that are perfect and orderly. Maybe it’s my way of controlling what I can. I mean, let’s face it: that grabbed-the-camera-on-the-spur-of-the-moment snapshot of his first steps is going to have a background of dog fur, dirty laundry and toymageddon. I at least want a few moments to be captured perfectly backdropped.

Party Sneak Peak: The Invite

Crazy? Probably. But then, who among us mothers isn’t?


2 thoughts on “First Birthday Madness

  1. I totally agree with you. The time flies by so quickly so why not enjoy the small moments like celebrating the first year of life. Love the party invites. Totally adorable! Have fun celebrating the first birthday. We are celebrating my son’s third this weekend and I can’t wait!!

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