Has It Really Been a Year?

My baby is one. ONE! How did this happen? I swear it was only yesterday that I was refusing to believe that I was in labor. At 3:40 in the afternoon, after 10 hours of jaw-clenching contractions, I pulled Holden from my vagina. It was truly the most awesome thing I have ever done. Reaching down, hooking my hands under his arms and pulling him from my womb up onto my chest… words cannot accurately describe the awesome. I just remember being so very happy, and crying. I grew this perfect little person!


Being a mom for this first year… it has been heart-achingly wonderful. And frustrating. And tiring. And scary. But, mainly wonderful. I’m still breastfeeding and planning to keep it up as long as he wants it. And, yep: if he doesn’t want to wean until he’s 3, then he can nurse till then. I just don’t really get why it’s weird to some people… I mean, isn’t that the whole purpose of boobies? They’re not actually play toys for your lover you know!


Anyhoo… here is an update on Holden’s progress:


  • He’s still not really walking. He has taken a few steps here and there, but mainly he just doesn’t want to. He knows he can get to his destination faster by crawling. He stands on his own a ton, and cruises with his walker, the dining room chairs, his scooter, and anything else he can push around. He will also walk along side you if you hold his finger.


  • He can say: mama, dada, cat, dog, cookie, ball, uh-oh… I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a couple. He doesn’t say them a lot, but he will if you prompt him. Oh, and he SCREAMS MAMA!! when he’s pissed I’m not paying attention to him and, say, doing the dishes instead. He babbles constantly. I wish I knew what he was saying!!
  • He has four teeth – two upper and two lower.


  • His favorite things to play with are his toy cars that you pull back and they go. He loves to roll them off the side of the coffee table and watch them crash to the floor. He also loves putting things in cups: balls, spoons, cars, etc.


  • He sleeps in between Rob & I, and even though some days I would like to be able to stretch out, mostly I love it. Curling my body around my baby at night… it just feels right to me. Plus, he can help himself to the milk bar and I don’t really have to wake up. He still nurses at least a couple of times per night, and I’m okay with that. For one, it’s kept my period at bay. Can I get a “Hells yeah!!”?


  • He can eat solids, and enjoys them, but I like that he’s getting at least 85% of his nutrition from breast milk. It’s the best thing for him! He loves pancakes, split peas, green peas, corn… Oranges are probably his current favorite. He hates apples and grapes. He drinks water from a straw cup. He LOVES sweets… if a piece of candy makes its way to somewhere he can reach it, it is in the mouth in a flash!


I feel so blessed to have such an easy going guy. He goes everywhere with me, and he is great with errands. (I mean, yeah, he has his days). He’s great in the car. Usually he just plays or sings along to the radio. Occasionally, if he’s tired or sick of being in the car he will scream but it really is the exception. (although, when he’s yelling it doesn’t feel like the exception… ;D) We take him out to eat with us and he sits in the high chair and munches puffs or honey grahams. He likes to crawl around the grass at the park and to swing.


I remember when I brought him home from the hospital, I was so terrified. How in the world was I supposed to keep this tiny (5lb3oz when we left the hospital) thing alive? How was I supposed to feed him with a breast that was bigger than his whole body? He felt so fragile! How was I supposed to know what he needed? Well, I’m happy to say we’ve survived the first year, the best year of my life. And here’s to all those future years and future milestones! I love you Holden!


2 thoughts on “Has It Really Been a Year?

  1. Happy birthday Holden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW can’t believe he’s a year already. I love all the milestone updates. I really miss that about watching Alexa grow up…keeping tract of all those little things they learn along the way. It’s so so cute ❤

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