Holden’s First Birthday Party

I can’t beleive it’s been over a week since Holden’s first birthday party. It was such a fun day spent with friends and family. Because I am crazy and also cheap poor I handmade the invitation and all of the decorations: a “Holden is One” bunting banner, tissue poms, his felt birthday crown, his birthday t-shirt, 2 banners of monhtly pics, chalkboard-paint painted picture frames for favors, props for the photo booth, his cookies-and-cream smash cake and cupcakes. My in-laws were kind enough to let us host at their [much larger] house and also provided the barbeque for lunch!

I set up a “photo booth” with some white fabric as a backdrop and provided lots of props as well as three colored chalkboards for writing a note to Holden. This way, I can print them out and put them in his birthday party scrapbook as sort of a guest book. Really, I’m not big on saving things; for example, I never save cards, so saving pictures is a sentimental as I get. The chalk boards were a huge hit with the under-8 crowd. 😉 By the end of the party the floor was a mess of white dust and broken bits of chalk. Many thanks to my in-laws for being such good sports about that! But, I think we all had a fun time having our pictures taken!

Thanks to my in-laws, we had a locally-catered barbeque lunch: pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, hashbrown casserole, and chips as well as iced tea and lemonade. It was delicious! I’m sad I never got a photo of the food once it was set up… oh well! I made cookies-and-cream cupcakes and smash cake, mainly because Holden goes around saying “cookie, cookie, cookie!” all the time. (Really, he’s saying “kitty, kitty, kitty”). The cupcakes had an oreo in the bottom, and they were YUMMY! Although, I wish I’d put more batter in them, it sank down around the cookie when baking so they ended up having equal parts cake to frosting… which isn’t neccesarily a bad thing!

Holden got warm wax on his finger when he touched his smash-cake, so he was kindof tentative and didn’t really smash it. [um, can we say mom-fail? to be fair, I was manning the camera] It didn’t burn him, but I think he couldn’t get it off and it felt weird. Nevertheless, he tasted a fair bit of frosting and a little bit of cake. Also, I think he was like “Why am I half-naked on a painting tarp, with a cake the size of my head, and why is everyone looking at me?” It was still cute watching him play with the frosting.

All in all, it was a great first birthday! It has been a wonderful year and I am blessed to have had so many of our friends and family come and celebrate Rob and I surviving our first year of parenthood Holden turning one. There were lots of hugs, kisses, laughter and love, just the things a Mama needs as her baby is tolddling waaaaay to fast towards toddlerhood! And DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME THAT HE IS A TODDLER YET. HE IS STILL A BABY! For a little while at least… I guess I better start planning next years party… with lots of booze.


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