Starting Again

I started this blog as mainly a baby book. Well, I have sucked at it. Majorly. And I have no excuse except laziness. Well, that and a toddler. A toddler who screams if I’m not paying attention to him. Not that I can blame him. As his mother, it’s my job to pay attention to him 24/7! And I love it! But, GEEZ! Can’t a mom take 10 minutes for herself???

Well, after 17 months of motherhood I am declaring yes. I deserve me time. I am a writer. Well, I say that. I have been working on around 3 novels for quite some time now. Only, they never seem to get written in more than 10 minute increments. And, strangely… that’s not enough time. Weird, right? Well, I have finally decided that it is high time these stories get the fuck out of my head, becuase I think they are making me crazy. Seriously.

So to accomplish this, my husband is going to have to take more of an active role. And that’s hard – for him and me. For me: I’m an attachment parent. I’m with H ALL OF THE TIME. Literally. He naps on me, sleeps next to me, I pee with him nursing… yeah. (Let’s just all agree that you lose all personal space the moment you push a watermelon out of your vagina) It’s painful for me to be separated from him. For my husband: he’s a mechanic & he loves what he does, but he works hard and long hours. He is exhausted when he gets home. I know this. However, I deserve to do what I love too.

I deserve to do what I love to. Ha. That is really hard to say. And this blog is going to help me by being my writing excersises. As my LitProfessur used to say: “It doesn’t matter what you write, just get it on the page and get the ball rolling!” Well, ok. Maybe. Please:  just let me do  better and be more consitant than last time!

Starting officially on Monday, I will be leaving the house (or hiding out in the office) so that I can write for a few (more on the weekend) hours 4 -5 times a week. I’m pretty sure this means I’m going to be cooking mainly crockpot meals. Guess I better get my recipe-creating thinking cap on.


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