DIY Wednesday: A Playroom for Toddler H

When I first got pregnant with H, I told myself that there was NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL that I was going to be stuck sharing an office with my husband. After all, we have plenty of room: upstairs we have our bedroom, Holden’s closet bedroom, Rob’s office and downstairs we have my office which is the room (albeit tiny – 9 feet square) off the foyer. And I most definitely did not want to turn that room into a playroom, because who in their ever-loving mind would want the first thing guests see of their home be a play room?!? Besides, I wasn’t going to be one of those parents who buys their kid a crap ton of toys… he would have a handful and that’s all he would need.

Now, please excuse me while I laugh my ass off at naive past childless-me. I think I peed a little. Oh, childless me. You were so clueless about the hold children have on your heart. And how society subtly instills in you the fear that if you don’t buy your child enough useless crap for you to step on and break your damn back toys then you don’t love them. It’s this nagging feeling that parents get as they pass the toy aisle: I mean… should I buy little Timmy another toy? He has a ton… but, I mean, I have a cart full of stuff for me! Shampoo! Hemorrhoid cream! Clearance socks! It would be selfish of me to buy this stuff for me and to not buy him anything, right? Besides, these blocks are on clearance… Or maybe it’s just me? Maybe the little drama that plays out in my head, complete with misty cloud effects and harp music,  just signals that I am in need some serious help? Wait, don’t answer that.

Anyway, Toddler H really doesn’t have that many toys. Compared to other children I know anyway. Most of the toys he has that I’ve bought him are from the thrift store and others are gifts. Regardless, suffice it to say he has too many toys and I am sick of them being all over my living room… so I decided to give up my office so he could have a playroom to store them all in. And, since it’s going to be the first thing people see when they walk in the house, it has to be nice, right? Right. Just ignore the heavy sighing of my husband… “No, we can NOT just store the toys in empty beer boxes! Yes, he needs a table to color at… DO YOU WANT HIM COLORING ON THE CARPET! A;LSKJDFL;AKJSDF.” Ahem.


Anyway, enter Pinterest. Duh. And the googled phrase ‘play room decor’. Double duh. Oh, and I guess the third duh: Ikea! Seriously, the trifecta of home decorating goodness and the bane of my husband’s wallet. And possibly the cause of the twitch in his jaw. Maybe? Oh well. It’s the first room of the house and it has to look good. You ladies all know what I’m talking about! What my husband doesn’t understand is just because it has to look nice, doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. I mean, c’mon! We want it to match the rest of our house! I (kid. We’re totally decorating the rest of the house soon; I mean, he already has the twitch going, might as well get it out of the way)

Woo-hoo! I’m taking over Mama’s living room with all my toys! It’s my evil plan of domination!

In all seriousness though, we are poor. And as much as I would love a play room decked out in all Pottery Barn, it’s not in the cards. But, with Ikea and Pinterest inspired DIY, I know we can do it! I can’t wait to have all the toys rounded up in one place! At least at the end of the day. If I’m not too lazy to put them away. Ok, at least it will look awesome when we have friends over!

Stay tuned next week for my inspiration board!


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