Apple Picking

Apple Picking! The first thing I get to check off of my Fall 2012 Bucket List! Of course… we actually did this the weekend before I made the bucket list… But, don’t you ever put things on your list just so you know at least one thing is going to get checked off? You do? Good! I think we all do that. And if you don’t, well… aren’t you Miss. Superiority!

I wanted to go apple picking specifically so that I could make applesauce for H. And I’m glad we went when we did – they were almost out of apples! It was a really fun day. We actually got out of the house early: by 10! And then H slept the whole  hour and a half drive there. When we got there we paid for our bag and then took a tractor-drawn wagon ride to the orchard. At first I was disappointed because there were a shit ton of people, but once everyone dispersed amongst the rows it really was quite peaceful and you pretty much felt alone.

After we had wandered around and picked our fill of apples, we hitched another wagon ride back to the store where we visited the hard cider tasting room! And then Rob & I each got a glass and sat out on the patio sipping cider and relaxing. Oh, and H knocked my phone off the table and shattered the glass. Yeah. Oh, well! I’m gonna get the glass the replaced. Besides that little glitch, we had a wonderful time! I can’t wait to go back next year!

(excuse the shitty eyephone pics, of course I forgot my camera!)


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