Why I Celebrate Lent

For the past few years, I have decided to celebrate Lent even though I am not Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, etc. Why? There is no simple answer. Mainly, I think it’s good for your soul to give something that you love up once in awhile, and reflect on what it is about it that gives you joy, among other things.



from catholicculture.org

This year, I am taking my celebration of Lent to a new level. I am going to do my own version of “fasting” during the day: I will drink only smoothies and beverages during the day (I need calories so that my milk supply doesn’t dry up) and eat dinner at night and on Sundays (typically feast days to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus). I have also given up social media for the duration.  I am also going to use this time to reflect on my views on religion, which are murky even to me. I am hoping to grow spiritually from this exploration, although I also halfway expect to be just as confused when it’s over!


I really love the symbolism associated with Lent: Jesus died for your sins! He gave up his life for you! Oh! And then he was rewarded for it! It really is a beautiful sentiment. Of course, I would disagree with the emphasis on humans being inherently sinful, but that’s for a post later on!


I look forward to this season of fasting in the hopes that by allowing myself to be wanting for this short period, I will be filled with something even greater at the end.


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