Fasting Progress

Well, I’m going into week 3 of fasting during the day, and I am surprised to admit that it hasn’t been that hard! Now, don’t take that to mean that it’s been easy. Oh, boy has it not been easy. I have to stare at a candy bowl the whole time I’m at work for Pete’s sake!


Going into the second week was when I hit a wall. I very almost decided to call it quits. I was just so hungry, and the office was ordering lunch… I WANTED TO EAT! But, I pushed through it and it wasn’t so bad on the other side. I’m still hungry during the day, but I feel like I have more of a detachment from it. My stomach doesn’t start growling anymore until right before dinner. I am definitely still hungry though, and will get the odd growl here and there.


While the hunger is no longer that large of an issue, my mental desire to eat is. I WANT to eat, not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to. I miss the act of  eating- chewing something, tasting it, enjoying it. I fantasize about food daily. I have definitely starting appreciating smells more, and dissociating the smell of my co-workers microwaving lunches (usually lean cuisines, something I would never eat myself, and let’s face it, probably not very tasty) with food, ie, I am able to just enjoy the pleasant scents of tomatoes and basil.


Have I had any spiritual breakthroughs? I don’t know… My long-distance BFF Amber has been sending me religious inspiration daily, mainly about new waves of Christianity that are surfacing now. It seems that the Christian politics are being revamped! I really need to start reading more, but fasting has definitely made me more tired.


I will continue to roll my spiritual beliefs around in my mind and will plan on writing about it tomorrow… at least about my earliest views on Christianity and God from when I was 5 years old and enrolled in Baptist kindergarten.


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